Steampunk Music – Moth

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My new favourite Steampunk music discovery is Moth, a band from the UK.

Here’s a video for the song Tree Snow. The music is vaguely gothy minor key pop rock with a lovely chorus hook and even a proper pop song key change at one point. The video is all quirky steam-powered robot fun.

They have a (rather confusing flash driven) website, and can be found on CDbaby. Definitely worth a listen to.


Spinning the Compass – Almost a whole album

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Barring a few tweaks and one more song, Spinning the Compass is complete.

Here it is:

The front cover is still probably a draft. It’s stolen from my brother’s new puppet/model/thing which can be seen here.

New Song – Lines overheard at a Séance

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I’ve actually recorded most of Spinning the Compass now, but haven’t got round to uploading it yet.

Here’s a recent song that I like:

Steampunk Music by Other People

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Thanks to Brass Goggles and the Clock Workers Guild Journal, I have discovered two lovely Steampunk musical ensembles:

Sunday Driver  ‘make music with a harp, a sitar, some guitars, some clarinets, tablas and whatever we can get our grubby mitts on.’

Their latest album ‘In the City of Dreadful Night’ is a pure delight. Rats is probably my favourite track, but possible not, as the two tracks after it are also fantastic. As is every other track that I’ve listened to.

RPM Orchestra is less accesible – electroacoustic found recordings and soundscapes rather than the vocal-centric Sunday Driver. That doesn’t make it any less worthwhile though.

RPM Orchestra – (Excerpt from) Symphony No. 7

RPM Orchestra | MySpace Music Videos

Things to Covet – Steampunk Guitars

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Via Brass Goggles I learn of Flip Cassidy’s customised rusty steampunk guitars.

I want one:

Mechanism – Another song from Spinning the Compass

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Here’s the second song from Spinning the Compass:

And here’s a post about the composition of it.

And here’s something that inspired me today:

From the BBC.

Spinning the Compass

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Today I completed the first draft of the title song for ‘Spinning the Compass’: